If Ground Truth 2.0 were a person

Imagine Ground Truth 2.0 as a person. Who would it be? And what if it were a city? With these rather amusing questions, we started our work session with our web developer earlier this month, who was seeking to get a clear understanding of the project. Not only did we think of persons and cities, but also of cars that have similarities with Ground Truth 2.0… The answer was not straightforward, but we consider this indicative of our innovative approach: the Ground Truth project takes a unique socio-technical approach and consists of a unique, multidisciplinary team of partners.

The web developer got the point. Right before you is our new website, which we are proudly launching today. You can read all about the consortium partners and the project’s relevance, objectives and activities via the main menu. The latest news is always screened on the homepage, so that you are immediately up-to-date when looking at our website. The knowledge base contains outputs and relevant publications.

The new website is one way in which the project is increasingly taking shape. But there’s more. Since the kick-off meeting in Delft, last September, we carried out a (preliminary) stakeholder analysis in each of the demo cases, got ourselves a logo and promotional materials, we mapped technical components and we developed methods to measure our impacts. Right before the Christmas break, we organised another plenary meeting to “co-design the co-design of the citizen observatories”. The idea behind this setup was to practice what we preach, using highly interactive sessions for what can otherwise be yet another boring project meeting.

And there is much more to come. The New Year marks the beginning of the work on location in the six Demonstration Cases. By the end of summer, each of the 6 cases will have its own online platform ready. Come back to this site for regular news. Oh, and do let us know what you think, or what we can do better.


Meike Remmers, Project Assistant

Uta Wehn, Project Director



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