Ground Truth 2.0 featured in IHE’s UPDATE magazine

Ground Truth 2.0 coordinator IHE Delft publishes its UPDATE magazine twice a year, with a variety of articles, facts and figures about water-related topics and interviews with inspiring people in the sector. This time Ground Truth 2.0 is the feature article of the magazine.

In this article, you can read about IHE’s prior experience with projects related to citizen science, and of course you can learn more about Ground Truth 2.0. Project Director Uta Wehn explains the lessons learned from previous projects and how these have been used in the design of Ground Truth 2.0. VITO researcher Stijn Vranckx, leader of the demo case in Mechelen, Belgium, looks back on the launch of this first citizen observatory within the project and explains what he sees as the added value of the citizen-centred approach. Finally, the CEO of Ground Truth 2.0 partner Upande, Mark de Blois, explains the added value of the project to people’s livelihoods in the upper Mara, Kenya.

You can read the complete article here – and of course the other articles in the magazine.

The Ground Truth 2.0 team at the Plenary Meeting in May 2017

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