Ground Truth 2.0 and CitSAf working together to foster citizen observatories

Ground Truth2.0 is pleased to announce that we have signed an MoU with the Citizen Science Africa Association (CitSAf) based in Nairobi to encourage and foster the sustainability of citizen science throughout Africa. Citizen science supports public involvement in addressing important issues, such as climate change, by contributing local knowledge to discussions and debates. Citizen science can foster understanding of different environmental challenges and promote the use of locally-gathered data to help individuals and communities take part in creating solutions. Ground Truth 2.0 and CitSAf both want policy makers to incorporate the input coming from the public for better decision making. By bringing stakeholders together through our various initiatives, Ground Truth 2.0 and CitSAf can jointly address that mission.

CitSAf and Ground Truth 2.0 will share mutually beneficial contacts and co-create information about best practices for developing and supporting citizen observatories to help communities take greater responsibility for their environment, including water and climate. We look forward to this partnership with to value and support local knowledge networks throughout the continent!

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