Ground Truth 2.0 at JRC Workshop on Citizen Science Benefits and Challenges

Ground Truth 2.0 was presented by Nina Costa at the COST WG3 WORKSHOP: Citizen Science and Environmental Monitoring: Benefits and Challenges, held 21-22 November 2018 at JRC in Ispra, Italy. The objective of the workshop was to update the document: ‘Guidelines for Citizen Science in Support to Environmental Reporting’ Skeleton Guidelines, – v1 (6 Nov 2018)’, and soliciting contributions on Action 8 (Promote the wider use of citizen science to complement environmental reporting) of the ‘Roadmap for Streamlining environmental monitoring’.  

The keynote speakers of the event were Katrin Vohland, Chair of the Citizen Science Cost Action, who spoke regarding the objectives of the WG3 of the Cost Action, and Elena Montani from DG ENV, who spoke regarding the EC’s plans for a significant paradigm shift from environmental reporting to environmental monitoring and information for the public. 

In addition to the full workshop (attended by about 45 people in total), there were break-out sessions in groups of 5-7 people to answer the particular questions, incl.:  

  • How to measure benefits of environmental CS, not only in economic terms but also in terms of transparency, behavioural change and active citizenship. 
  • What is needed to successfully link the local and European dimension (and even global), and which stakeholders should be involved in different roles. 

Following the event, the document ‘Guidelines for Citizen Science in Support to Environmental Reporting’ will be revised and circulated for comment. 

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