Online Course – Citizen Science Projects: How to Make a Difference

Learn to capture and analyse data and use the findings to take action

Would you like to understand the environment and help create change? A citizen science project or observatory is the ideal way to explore environmental issues, take action and become a changemaker.

WeObserve, in partnership with FutureLearn, are pleased to announce that the online course, Citizen Science Projects: How to make a difference, is now open for enrollment!

Discover how to build your own citizen science project to address environmental issues and create positive change.

On this course, you’ll discover the type of citizen science projects available around the world and how to get involved. You’ll find out how to lead a citizen science project, including the best practices for community building, question forming and data collecting.

You’ll also learn how to interpret the data you collect and use your findings to educate others about environmental concerns.

The WeObserve online course is open for enrollment! Register here.

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