CORDIS Results Pack “Digital transition in water: Digitilisation to boost innovation in the water sector”

Water is vital for life and the economy so as a society we must adapt water resource management to mitigate the effects of climate change, combat resource pollution and depletion, manage demands for water, address the water–energy nexus, and prevent degradation of ecosystems. This CORDIS Results Pack highlights 11 EU projects that will help dramatically improve the large-scale management, distribution, use and reuse of water.

Digital solutions play a vital role in addressing these challenges and the need for the digital transformation of the water sector to increase resource efficiency and water reuse through a more circular – rather than linear- value chain approach. ICT and water efficiency are thus key policy issues with major potential for new research areas.

Incorporating decision support systems for the measurement of water quality and quantity, these include recycling and water reuse processes. This will require increased interoperability between water information systems at both the EU and national levels and efficiency of water resources management.

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Ground Truth 2.0 mentioned in the CORDIS Results Pack

The Ground Truth 2.0 project co-designed and implemented citizen observatories that help local stakeholders achieve sustainable natural resource management through the collection of data by citizens.

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