Gavagai Monitor

Ground Truth 2.0 will make use of the Gavagai Monitor, a media monitoring service built to handle internet-scale text streams of any type in any language. The Monitor builds on Gavagai’s semantic back end which learns terminological correspondences from reading text and provides timelines with measures of frequency and attitude of authors vis-a-vis targets of interest in editorial media, social media, forums, blogs, and other open sources. Gavagai Monitor is used for brand reputation management, for financial and security analytics, for political opinion polling, and for general market research.

For the purposes of Ground Truth 2.0, Gavagai Monitor will provide a background of implicit measures of attitude to the topics of the Demo Cases:

  • Are people in the Baltic area worried about the water quality of the Baltic Sea?
  • Are people in water catchment areas aware of flooding and related risks?
  • In what terms do people discuss quality of life issues? Are infrastructural and environmental issues perceived as having impact on their quality of life?

This will be a complement to the focused fact retrieval of the citizen observatories, collecting, aggregating, and documenting the unprompted attitudes of the general public on issues which the project will be engaged in. We will periodically report results from our studies on these topics.

Check out the Gavagai Monitor yourself:

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