#FenoDato aims to train a group of phenology observers capable of monitoring the rhythm of nature. Citizens will learn how to gather phenological data and can help scientists study the effects of climate change on plants and animals. They will be encouraged to carefully note the date and place in which the observed species has experienced a change in their state: bird migrations, plant florescence, fruit ripening, hibernation, and the fall of leaves are some examples of key phenological moments.

#FenoDato works in close collaboration with representatives of the Phenological Network of Catalonia of the Meteorological service of Catalonia (SMC), the Phenological Network of the Spanish Meteorological Agency (AEmet) and the international network Pan European Phenology DataBase. The project is funded by the Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology and will particularly be broadcasting on Twitter, as reflected in its name: #FenoDato.

Visit the FenoDato website: http://www.fenodato.net/

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