Deliverable D2.4 Customized platform for Spanish Demo Case (First Version)

Ground Truth 2.0 (GT2.0) aims to demonstrate that sustainable Citizen Observatories (COs) are possible. This is done using the innovative ap-proach of combining the social dimensions of citizen observatories with enabling technologies, so that the implementation of the respective cit-izen observatories in six Demo Cases is tailored to their envisaged socie-tal and economic benefits.
The Spanish Demo Case (SDC) aims for the creation of a Citizen Observa-tory that is constituted in a way that is sustainable over time, where phe-nological observations provided by the citizens in real time are collected, to form an information base that will allow influencing in public policy decisions in Catalonia, Spain. Its stakeholders have named their own Cit-izen Observatory “Segueix el Ritme de la Natura”.
This report presents the first version of the platform for the SDC Citizen Observatory that was developed jointly with end users during co-design sessions.

Download the deliverable here:


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