KNM Workshop Citizen Science

February 15, 2019
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  • 12:00-17:00
  • GAIA Building, Wageningen University and Research Centre, Wageningen
Aim: to develop a joint vision on new opportunities of citizen science for scientific and policy oriented research. Citizen Science has become a popular notion in the past ten years, but many researchers and policy makers hardly know what the "citizen science" concept means and how "citizen science" can be applied in their own research. When and how can we involve citizens in scientific and policy oriented research? How reliable are the data created or gathered by citizens? What are the prospects and limitations of citizen science? In this workshop we will present some show cases of citizen science. In addition we will analyse the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threads of the methodologies used and we will discuss how citizen science can contribute in a unique and useful way to scientific and policy oriented research on environmental and sustainability issues.

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