A Special G-STIC Event organised in the context of the STI Forum

May 16, 2019
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  • 09:30-13:00
  • United Nations Headquarters New York
Towards a one-stop shop for innovative, market-ready technological solutions for the SDGs The transition to a sustainable society, in line with the SDGs, requires the deployment at scale of best available, transformative and innovative integrated technological solutions to (re)direct current economic development towards more sustainable development and investment patterns. Business as usual is just not an option to achieve the SDGs. This Special Event, organized by G-STIC on the occasion of the 2019 STI Forum, will showcase some market-ready, innovative integrated technological solutions as examples of doable ways to bring about paradigm shifts and move societies and economies onto more sustainable development paths. Agenda 2030 requires new ways of doing business, and deep technological transitions are part and parcel of it. All over the world, technological innovations exist (from wastewater treatment, desalination, mining, carbon capture, and use... to the use of big data, artificial intelligence, 3D-printing,...) that allow countries to jumpstart sustainable economic development and become market leaders in the emerging green economy. Following the Special G-STIC Event on the occasion of the 2018 STI Forum, this 2019 Event will further illustrate how integrated technological solutions are significantly contributing to the achievement of the SDGs under different socio-economic conditions around the world. Systematic and well-documented approaches are needed to come to a library of transformative technologies and to provide a one-stop shop for knowledge about transformative, innovative technologies that cut across industrial sectors, foster economic development and inspire societies to move toward more sustainable development patterns. For more information and how to register, please visit the event webpage.

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